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Summer Camp Cookie Class

with Tatum's Treatery

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Class Details

  • All supplies will be provided for class. Location should allow enough seating for each class attendee. 

  • Small to large group options. Ages 5+

  • Cookie designs are beginner friendly.

  • Finished cookies will be taken home by each class attendee, in their own bakery box.

  • Class duration is 1.5 hrs

  • Cost: $12 per person

A cookie class with Tatum's Treatery is an exciting, hands on activity that teaches the art of decorating those cool cookies that have become so popular. During our class, each student will decorate 3 themed cookies and learn new skills that they can use time and time again with their own family and friends. Each student will also design a bakery box to take their cookies home in. 

For the classes, all cookies and supplies will be provided and brought on the day of class, I will travel to your location to host the class. Seating (tables and chairs) is the only item your location will need to provide.

Do you have a large number of students? Large groups are welcome!

Have questions about scheduling a class? 

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