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Custom Cookie Pricing

The prices below are the base prices and will be changed based on multiple factors (details, number of colors, airbrushing, presentation). An order of 2 dozen minimum is required for cookie orders. For questions regarding pricing, fill out the "ORDER FORM" below.

Standard Cookies $40
  • Up to 4 cookie shapes and 4 icing colors

  • Simple wording (Ex: name or single word

  • Begin at $35 per dozen

Deluxe Cookies $50
  • variety, up to 8 cookie shapes 

  • 5+ icing colors

  • Metallic lustre/glitter

  • Deluxe wording (Ex: phrases, slogans, multiple names, etc)

  • Begin at $45 per dozen

Elaborate Cookies $60
  • Character cookies

  • logo/company cookies

  • Edible images/ photos

  • Elaborate Designs

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